Author:Clemens Fuest
Citation:65 National Tax Journal 731-38 (September 2012)
Abstract:Book Review: THE INDIRECT SIDE OF DIRECT INVESTMENT by JACK M. MINTZ and ALFONS J. WEICHENRIEDER (The MIT Press, 2010, Cambridge, MA, 192 pages). Overall, the contribution of the book is threefold. First, it contributes to bridging the gap between conventional research in international taxation, which largely neglects complex financing and ownership structures, and the way that tax planning takes place in the real world. Second, it offers valuable insights into the financing structures and ownership chains of inbound and outbound investment in Germany. Third, although the book does not provide clear-cut policy recommendations, it does compare different approaches to dealing with multinational tax planning and thus provides a very useful framework for thinking about policy in the context of specific countries. Therefore the book is an important reference for both tax policy practitioners and academics working in or entering the area of research on the taxation of multinational firms.

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